Why Men Are More Worried to Break up Than Women

Published: 25th May 2011
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Traditionally, women have always been weak. Several studies have shown that men are more depressed, sad and anxious than women after the break-up. Male gives person very strong feeling, but in fact they are very fragile. Believe me, I've seen hundreds of letters consulting how to win back the feelings. The followings are reasons that men are not very good at dealing with breakup.

A, males hide their pain

When the boys are rejected, his first reaction was: I won't let her know that I have much pain. How does he do: to go out with some friends to play. Based on survey of men's health online, 26% of the men will hold parties after breaking up, but this is just the minority. 36% men find they should see their new rights, thanks to the women who abandon them.

In fact, these two reactions are hiding their true feeling, which is useless to sadness and anger. Men have sorrow for the lost feeling, even after holding their parties.

Second, the male is difficult to re-establish another relationship.

After the breakup, they feel very excited firstly and date with other women. But after three, four or dozens of days, they will realize that it will take a long time to like the natural feeling of staying with the former girlfriend together.

Third, the men have fewer friends

One of the reasons that Women recover faster than men after breakup is: the women have amazing dating circle. Research shows that after: male rely on love to get emotional intimacy and social support while women like considering family members and female friends as the safest sustenance. Mother and sisters, includes friends, beautician and driver, no matter who, the more he speaks, the faster she will recover.

On the other hand, as to break up, in menís heart, as if nothing has happened, and they will not be trapped by feelings. Six months later, when men honestly face their own feelings, what they think is to return to the girl.

A study shows that women after break up can quickly adjust, because women have long considered the possibility and ways to deal with after break up, and the men never have such consideration.

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