What Are the Health Benefits of Rubbing Abdomen

Published: 06th July 2011
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Rubbing abdomen frequently is beneficial to our body health and it is one way to achieve longevity. Here, I will introduce the benefits and specific practices of abdomen rubbing.

Modern medicine believes that rubbing abdomen could increase the blood flow of abdominal muscle and intestinal smooth muscle, strengthen the tension of the gastrointestinal wall muscles and lymphatic system function, and activate the secretion function of gastrointestinal and other organs so as to enhance food digestion, absorption and excretion. It could also improve the intestine peristalsis to prevent and eliminate constipation. It is particularly necessary for the elderly.

The subtly rubbing on the abdomen could promote gastrointestinal tract mucous membrane to produce enough prostaglandins, which can effectively prevent excessive gastric acid secretion and the occurrence of peptic ulcer. Rubbing abdomen can also reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat. The rubbing can stimulate peripheral nerves, the abdominal wall capillary flow smoothly by the massage speed of different intensity, so that to promote fat consumption, prevent fat accumulation and receive a satisfactory weight loss effect.

Regular rubbing abdomen could help the body maintain good mood. Rubbing abdomen before going to sleep is good for falling into sleep and preventing insomnia. For patients who have atherosclerosis, hypertension and cerebrovascular disease, it could make them calm down and keep smooth blood circulation. It plays a positive role of adjuvant therapy.

It is often chosen to be done before going to bed at night or before waking up in the morning. Empty urine and wash our hands; lie on bed with knees buckling; relax the body and put left hand on the abdomen, with the palms facing the navel; place the right hand above on the left hand and rub around 50 circles in the clockwise direction; then 50 circles in the anticlockwise direction. The force should be appropriate, and breathe should be natural. If you keep doing it, you will receive significant health effects.

However, people have purulent skin infection on abdomen or acute inflammations are not suitable to rub. In the process, if you have warm feeling or feel hungry, do not worry because they are the normal reactions.

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