The doctor reminds the band-aid wraps wound not more than two days

Published: 20th January 2011
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Ban-aid is people's necessary surgical drugs in life. Ban-aid may use homeostasis by compression, protects the wound to action, has small volume, simple to use, easy to carry, efficacy is reliable. However, as a necessary article in family, a lot of people have erroneous zone in using.

People mostly make use of the error is expanding a band-aidís usage scope. Ban-aid applies only to relatively shallow trauma, clean, neat little bleeding wound and not needed stitches of small cut. For deep wounds, have large blood vessels and nerves and tendon injuries and is suspected of heterogeneities wound, cannot use band-aid; as for furuncle swollen and scalds and rotting infection and various skin diseases, it is also unfavorable to use band-aid. If only a mild coetaneous bruises, it needs not to use band-aid. Only by iodine or alcohol daub moment, it just can rise to prevent infection purpose. In larger wounds, massive, and wound sordid or wound foreign body in the circumstances, it cannot use bandage, should go promptly to the hospital. When necessary, still should have a tetanus shot.

Secondly, using the bandage, you must pay attention to method. Before using bandage, you should firstly carefully check whether there is dirt in the wound. If there is pollution, you need to use physiology saline to clean wound, dry, coat iodine glycerin, and then again affix band-aid.

In addition, you cannot use ban-aid too long; you had better not exceed two days. If you too long to use the tape, adhesive plaster of band-aid is airtight, it can make the wound and the area around the wound, white, tender, then bacterial infections, resulting in deterioration of the wound. After use, you should also pay attention to the band-aid wound changes, change regularly, prevent infections festering. If you use ban-aid after 24 hours, wound pain is worse, or have secretions oozy, you should be timely open to check. When necessary, you should go to a hospital in time. Last, you must note ban-aid cannot touch water and prevent pollution. After ban-aid water sucking, you should change in time.

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