The Baby Will Be Ill Entering Kindergarten

Published: 22nd June 2011
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When many children are entering the kindergarten, they often appear many diseases. Why the children are normal at home, but they become ill in kindergarten? According to doctor’s introduction, because children’s living environment is more onefold before kindergarten, the opportunities to contact with germs are less, so they lack of specific antibodies. After entering kindergarten, they have more chances to contact various pathogens, so the number of getting ill will increase accordingly. But the baby's body will also produce antibody to all sorts of pathogens, so his disease-resistant ability will also strengthen gradually. Therefore, parents don't need to worry too much.

The disease-resistant ability will be enhanced after Three years old
The antibodies the baby gotten from mother has worked out in 6 months after birth. At that time, the resistance ability is the most weakest, and he or she will be easiest to get ill. With the age growth, the baby's own immune system will be gradually mature, and the antibodies’ produce ability will increase gradually. Usually after three years old, children’s body disease-resistant ability than before will have increased significantly. Children are easy to get ill entering the kindergarten, one is the children are usually taken care of well , cold-resistant ability is poor; 2 children don’t have the experience of collective life, at ordinary times less suffer from pathogens attacks, the disease-pathogens ability is bad. When Children are catching a cold, the body's resistance ability will decline. At this moment, if they are again invaded by pathogens, they will easily get ill.

To increase resistance ability through illness

Antibody is a highly specific, only when children's organism is attacked by a kind of pathogen, they will produce the antibody against the pathogen. In other words, for all kinds of pathogens, the child only contact with them, their bodies will produce antibodies against these pathogens. So, even if the baby’s body develops normally, it does not mean his organism has resistant-disease ability for all kinds of pathogens. When a baby is entering into a collective environment from a small environment with intensive care, his eating and living habits have changed a lot, they will have inadaptable feeling physically. Meanwhile, when the baby contacts more children, the environment becomes complex, they will have more opportunities to contact with pathogen, so the number of getting ill will increase accordingly.

For children, it is inevitable to contact with all kinds of pathogens in collective environment. When he has signs of illness, mom and dad should actively give children treatment, and let the kid to obtain more good rest in illness time, to avoid disease aggravate. At ordinary times, parents should let the child do much exercises and many activities to raise the body’s resistant-cold ability, and enhance immunity.

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