Opening the windows during driving may damage hearing

Published: 26th January 2011
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A new study in U.S. found that driving a open car or opening the window in running, there is almost no difference between the noise and construction site, which is harmful to hearing.

Saint Louis university medical school researchers say, if the speed reaches to 120 km/h, the noise will reach 100 decibels. Even if the speed is only 90km/h, noise can reach more than 85 decibel. Cars produce friction with pavement. Other cars, trucks and motorcycles, wind and speed will lead to harsh noise.

Researchers use the five cars to complete a number of noise tests, including Porsche, sauber have, Nissan and ford. The researchers recorded noise volume of the speed 90km/h and 120km/h. During the test, car audio system, broadcasting, air conditioning was all shut entirely, personnel on the car do not speak, car speakers was also banned, weather is quite pleasant.

The results found that when the speed is 90km/h, automobile noise is over 88 decibels; noise level is similar to the noise from diesel engine train or construction site. When traveling at 120km/h, noise level is equal to noise of jet roaring above the head or deafening noise in nightclub.

According to research, staying in environmental noise more than 85 decibel for a long time, hearing will be damaged. The new study found that in highway driving an open car or opening the windows, and in close proximity to large lorries or motorcycle, all will damage hearing.

New research director Anthony says although opening the windows during driving will not induce deaf, new research shows that opening the windows during driving for a long time will inevitably lead to hearing loss of driver and passenger. Dr transshipment suggest if the speed is over 85.3 km/h, you’d better close roof and Windows. You had better not listen to the radio or MP3 while driving on the way, because the noise's sake, it's necessary to transfer to the maximum volume, then you can hear, so it can be in imperceptibly to damage hearing.

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