How to Choose Floor Board for Children Room in Home Decoration

Published: 20th October 2011
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When the babies leave the cradle, the floor becomes their favorite place to stay. No matter how much luxurious seats parents provide, babies always like to sit, climb and lie on floors. However, formaldehyde is often hiding in the floor, and babies are suffering from the threatening of formaldehyde.

According to the test, the formaldehyde content within the 1.5 meters’ layer of air from the ground occupies 80% of the total. In addition, children are in the growth period, and their breathe amount is 50% higher than that of adult, so they may inhale more formaldehyde than adults. Recently, formaldehyde has become an important cause of children leukemia. When parents are decorating the children room, they may be confused about the floorings. What people should pay attention to in purchasing flooring for children room?

The flooring materials must have warm touch feelings, which could adapt to the needs of children from infant stage to young period. To little children, it is better to select solid wood or green carpet for babies to play and learn walking; for children who like play blocks and electric cars, it is not suggested to lay carpet in large scale.

Solid wood flooring is processed by natural wood directory, so there is no need to worry about environment pollution caused by the use of adhesives. Solid wood flooring is basically the green decoration materials of formaldehyde-free, which is the most suitable for children room decoration. When children are playing on the floors, they like to throw toys or climb on it, so it will not have scratch so easily. The quality and wood categories should be seriously considered. In addition, the price of solid wood flooring is a little cheaper, so parents should pay special attention on the budget.

Cork flooring is soft, so it is more suitable for children decoration. This type of flooring material is made of oak bark and not easy to slip. What’s more, the sound-absorbing function is strong, so it is quite to walk on it.

Do not pave plastic floor on children room. For example, the foamed plastic products could release large number of volatile organic substances that may affect the children’s health. The method of paving large amount of wool carpet is also not scientific. Especially in summer, the wool carpet is easy to breed parasites, which makes children vulnerable to respiratory diseases, and some chemical fiber carpet could cause allergy reactions.

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