Causes and Recommended Solutions of Fat Granule on Skins

Published: 19th May 2011
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When people speak of fat granule, they may feel troublesome. It is the small white lump on skins, just like pinhead. Do you know the causes and solution of it?

Disorder of skin fat metabolism: The production of oil granule is related with fat metabolism, which often appears on dry and sensitive skins. Such skin cannot distribute oils evenly, so too much oil leaks locally; on the other hand, skins are lack of oil and have weak metabolism ability, so it could not expel excessive oil normally and produce fat granule.

Inappropriate usage of skin care products: Skins around eyes are very thin and if people apply facial cream on the skins, it may not absorb and causes oil accumulation and form oil granule. Sometimes, skins are lack of water rather than oil, the skin care products which are used to supplement oil could not improve the dry skin condition.

Small skin wounds: When skin is too dry and people overuse scrub cream, exfoliating product and cosmetics, skins will have small wound which cannot be discovered by human eyes. In the process of self-repair, it generates small white cysts.

The following methods are useful in getting rid of fat granule:
Select the correct skin care products: Judge your skin type and choose the suitable skin care products for your skin. You should also judge whether your skins are lack of oil or water. If the skins have weak metabolism, you could choose the moisturizing products designed for sensitive skins with natural plant ingredient and low oil. As you choose the correct skin care products, your oil granule will disappear within one month.

Mild scrub: Use mild facial scrub cream to remove eye fat granule. Apply fine particles contained in special facial scrub cream to do massage gently, and the fat granule will gradually disappear after a period of time. If the fat granule is large, then it will disappear within a relatively long period.

Use needles: The quickest way to remove it is to use disinfected needle, but you have to be cautious of the bacterial infection. You are suggested to go to the professional beautician or doctors.

Whatís more, exercise could improve the metabolism of body and skin and avoid plugged follicle, which can prevent fat granule in root.

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